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ftp errors
publishing problems
Common Web Internet FTP publishing errors and problems
Here the common FTP errors / user mistakes. 
Error 500  
- wrong or incorrectly typed ftp server name (= host, server, ftpserver); Solution = check, retype, ask your host. Usually the format of the name to be inserted is or 
- your firewall or antivirus or antispyware software is misconfigured; or a hardware firewall (some routers have an internal firewall); Solution = disable or better configure 
- problems with the Internet connection or the ISP or the host; Solution = check the hardware, call ISP, call the host; 
Error 530  
- wrong username (=user, identifier, userid, login) and/or password; Solution = check, retype, ask your hosting provider
- maybe the host did inadvertitly reset the parameters; Solution = ask your host. 
- username and password are ok but the ftpserver (host) is KO, so you are actually attempting to connect to another server with a similar name; Solution = check, retype; 
Error 550 or some other numbers or Access Denied 
- it is likely the "Initial remote directory" is wrong 
usually the initial remote directory should be set as the "web" folder, that is the folder that will be shown on the web. You may see a lot of folder, but only one may be enabled for the Web. 
Solution = check the parameters provided by your host; or try to guess the parameter; or ask your host; 
Typical values are: 
No errors but the site doesn't show correctly 
- it is likely the "Initial remote directory" is wrong,  
Solution = see above the instructions for error 550 
- there are problems with pre-existing content. The existing content (if initial remote directory is OK) is shown on the right side of the publishing dialog. You may delete it: select then press the DEL key on the keyboard  
The publishing process interruptes or Error 331 or some other numbers or stalls 
- it is likely your server is experiencing a temporary overload. Just press the moving "Stop!" button and wait until it stops. Then press the big "Publish" button and it will continue the publishing (without restarting). If this error persists, try to connect with another ISP / carrier, or try at another time of the day, or... find a less cheap hosting service! 
The trial edition of my software sometimes forgets the parameters or is annoying 
- this is a limitation of the trial. Please purchase. 
Please email to the Support Staff if you experience other difficulties! Include ftp server name, username, password, initial remote directory (if you don't have these parameters, please ask your host / the company that sold you your web space. If you don't have a host, you may see our page about hosting
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ftp error
error 530
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